Alpha Direct Method (ADM)
Alpha ADM is the project management method of Alpha with the objective of knowledge transfer.
Alpha ADM Methodology has been divided into three stages, consisting of:
Selection : This is the initial stage where an Alpha Pre-Sale Form is filled compiling information from a Customer to help determine the basic requirements and approach. Once the customer is convinced and a contact has been negotiated, the next live demonstrations are conducted as an initial introduction on its (Alpha) features to the concerned stage comes into the picture.
Implementation : This involves:

 Mapping : Studding the Customer(s) Business Process

 Simulation : Key user(s) Training and acceptance of the Business Model

 Operational : Includes End user training, Data Conversion and Entry

 Optimization : This involves phasing which is elaborated where the right method is applied based on mutual agreement with the customer.


Alpha Services provide in consultation service contract
1- All new developments and module versions.
- Customer is entitled to receive all new module versions free of charge.
- Customer is entitled to receive all new module manuals free of charge.
2-Technical assistance via Mail, Fax or through direct connection:
- During the company’s official working hours,
- Responding to all customers’ queries, including solving problems, explaining, Clarifying the modules and manuals.
3-The customer is entitled to free visits.


To initiate an ERP and to complete a system on your own is a difficult and time-consuming job with high risk factors. Nevertheless, you can make the long story short and protect your investment by ready applications run by a qualified team to support and customize it to fit your business.
Alpha Group has an open-minded strategy to assist organizations in building their business needs, in a wide range of growing opportunities in all IT aspects. Its diverse services spread throughout Egypt and Saudi Arabia are providing a competitive range of services to its clients from standard applications provision up to tailored solutions, after sales support, and hardware infrastructure building and maintenance.

Customization ALPHA is careful to get your maximum satisfaction, by customizing Alpha ERP applications to your specific business requirements. You will benefit from this advantage, which adapts your system to any new regulations or organization adjustments needed.

Upgrade Facility Alpha has a rapid enhancement policy in annual multi versions. The benefits of upgrading your system to new versions at a minimal cost, will keep your system technologically up-to-date. You will always be informed regarding new features via our monthly client journal update, which you will receive by mail, or e-mail.

Data Migration. We care about implementation time and fast operation to minimize leading operation time, by cutting months of feeding basic information and transactions. Our Support team is cooperating with you to investigate the start point of data migration, whether from manual to a computerized system, or from legacy systems to Alpha ERP system, our staff is capable to convert your data.

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